Robotics can be seen as the implementation of sense, planning/control and action.  UQ's robotics program strategically focuses on the latter two; for sensing can in many instances be considered a commodity.

Our teaching and research expertise includes:

  • Design - how to make the best with what (little) you have?
  • Planning/Control - how do systems make good decisions?
  • Act - how to move adaptively?
  • Bio-inspired robotics - how does robotics teach us about nature?

Our recognised achievements include:

Our engagement initiative is second to none.  Since its inception, UQ has hosted RoboCup Junior which attracts over 2000 students from across the state to engage in the nation's best hands-on sicences/engineering program every annually.

In ITEE, the Robotics Design Laboratory (RDL) focuses on the design and analysis of systems (hardware and software) that interact with the physical world.  The approaches and tools we develop are foundational and can be applied in various domains, from field robotics to biomedical engineering to defence.


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